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Behind the Excellence of Samdasoo

Water from UNESCO’s Natural Heritage site

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Filtered by Ancient, Deep-seated Volcanic Rock

Jeju Samdasoo is groundwater found in the layer of volcanic rock 420 meters underground and formed some 500,000 years ago.
The source of Jeju Samdasoo is under a superbly-preserved primeval forest near Hallasan National Park, free and far from contamination. Since it is 420 meters deep underground, contaminants are easily kept at bay. Jeju Samdasoo has been top quality water for the two decades since its release in 1998.

Water from Volcanic Rock When we say our water comes from volcanic rock, we mean it. Jeju is a volcanic island created and shaped by volcanic activity that began approximately 1.9 million years ago and ended about 5,000 years ago. Thin layers of lava, about 3 – 5 meters thick on average, are stacked on top of one another, and it is within these layers that we find our water.

Distinct and Impregnable Geological Structure

The source of Jeju Samdasoo is kept clean by the island’s natural system of quality assurance, keeping contaminants out of the source and ensuring consistency and safety. Jeju Samdasoo is protected by the island’s unique geological features: 7 – 8 layers of sedimentary stratum whose relative impermeability assures that water is safe and clean. Water flows through the crevices between volcanic rock, picking up vanadium, silica, and other minerals along the way. By the time it reaches us, it is healthy, naturally alkaline, and pleasant to drink.

Jeju Samdasoo - Filtered by Nature, from Rain to Bottle, for 18 Years

Jeju was formed by volcanic activity that began 1.9 million years ago and ended about 5,000 years ago. Comprised of lava beds 2-3 meters thick and sedimentary layers stacked on top of one another, the island’s strata act as one massive natural water filter.
When it hits the ground, rainwater (including melted snow) flows through the cracks and gaps of the lava bed and slowly permeates deep underground. Filtered pure and clean during the process, Jeju Samdasoo is the result of going through the earth’s largest natural water filter.
According to a study (2001) by the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Jeju Samdasoo is 18 years old. The Jeju Samdasoo you drink has been purified by Mother Nature for nearly two decades through her volcanic rock filters that span over 2,000 meters in distance.

Jeju Samdasoo - Perfected by Scoria and Vesicular Basalt

Above the ground and under, Jeju’s layers are abundant in scoria, clinker and vesicular basalt that are superb in filtering contaminants. Thanks to these geological features, Jeju Samdasoo has earned a reputation as pure water, free from heavy metals and other harmful substances. This is supported by a study conducted by Professor Ho-won Lee and his team from Jeju National University’s Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, which in 2017 explored how scoria purifies contaminants. The study found that while widely-used activated carbon could not remove cadmium (Cd) completely three hours after the experiment had begun, scoria did just the opposite even after 24 hours. The study demonstrates scoria’s excellent ability to remove heavy metals.

Jeju Samdasoo - Consistently Safe for 20 Years

First released as a brand in February 1998, Jeju Samdasoo has maintained the purest quality and safety through the years, certified during stringent water quality tests conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Chinese authorities.
Since the massive earthquake that hit Japan in 2011, the Korea Basic Science Institute has conducted 75 tests on Jeju Samdasoo, looking for traces of radioactive substances and found none, proving its safety.
Jeju Samdasoo is monitored in real time with the latest automated network that covers 14 points of collection. Underground water levels, water temperature, electrical conductivity, and pH are some of the things monitored by the system every hour.

Jeju Samdasoo - The Best Water for Coffee and Tea

Jeju Samdasoo contains an appropriate amount of minerals dissolved through volcanic rock layer reaction, so it tastes fresh and clean. In addition, it is soft water and suitable to brew coffee and green tea.
In particular, when green tea is brewed in Jeju Samdasoo, the color of green tea is clear and the good ingredients of green tea are extracted more in it. For the coffee, Jeju Samdasoo makes it better taste and aroma as well. There are many customers inceasing to use Jeju Samdasoo rising for green tea and coffee lovers.

Jeju Samdasoo - Natural and Pure Water to be filter by volcanic rock later only

Some of bottled water in Korea is manufactured through purification process using activated carbon but Jeju Samdasoo is produced only by filtration and sterilization with UV, so Jeju Samdasoo is natural and clean water in a state of nature.
Jeju Samdasoo is safe water to manage global level production and quality management system certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, NSF and FSSC2200.

Jeju Samdasoo - Korea’s Number One Brand

Sourced from layers of volcanic rock 420 meters underground, Jeju Samdasoo offers fresh water from clean Jeju through its globally competitive production and quality assurance systems.
Since its launch in 1998, Jeju Samdasoo has stayed on top, in terms of drinking water market share, customer satisfaction, and brand power.
Also, Jeju Samdasoo has maintained its status as the top Korean Brand Star by BrandStock for 13 consecutive years in the sector of spring water, and has been ranked No.1 NBCI (National Brand Competitive Index by Korea Productivity Center) for 12 years in a row, No.1 Korean Brand Power Index (by KMAC) for 12 consecutive years, and No.1 premium brand index (KS-PBI) by Korean Standards Association for 5 consecutive years, all in the sector of spring water.

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