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L5 Smart Factory

Smart Factory Tour (20 min)

This new factory tour course can help visitors understand the Jeju Samdasoo production process through hands-on interaction with smart devices.

  • 1Water Treatment Process
  • 2Production Process
  • 3Explanation of the Jeju Samdasoo Production Process
  • 4Real-Time Control System
  • 5Video of the Samdasoo Recharge Process (Three-Sided Immersive Video)
  • 6Your Own Samdasoo photoshoot

This is a picture showing the direction (1 ~ 6 points) of L5 Smart Factory Tour.


Water Treatment Process

You can water the filtration process after the raw water intake and the storage tanks for the water product.


Production Process

You can witness the cutting-edge automated production line that produces bottled water at the fastest speed in the world (76,000 bottles/hr).


Explanation of the Jeju Samdasoo Production Process

You can watch videos that present Jeju Samdasoo’s production process up to product consumption by explaining the process in comprehensive steps.


Real-Time Control System

This is a recreated control room that provides real-time monitoring of the production process through cutting-edge intergration of IT and manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.


Video of the Samdasoo Recharge Process (Three-Sided Immersive Video)

You can view an ultra-HD video where you become a raindrop and meet the groundwater 420 m deep.


Your Own Samdasoo photoshoot

You can receive a bottle of Jeju Samdasoo with your face on the lavel.

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