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Jeju Province Development Corporation(JPDC) is a public enterprise and is at the forefront of creating “social value” in a wide array of different sectors as a means of enhancing public interest and promoting community development.
JPDC are manufacturing Jeju Samdasoo from the groundwater of Jeju. The profit generated by Jeju Samdasoo boosts provincial finances and breathes live into the local economy, which in turn leads to quality jobs. We are also putting our best foot forward in conservation efforts and resolving environmental issues, as well as leading efforts to resolve global water issues alongside UNESCO.


We create value driven by Jeju resources
to benefit our local monnuities


Jeju’s partner for a happy future

Jeju Samdasoo large signboard photo

In March 1995, the JPDC was established to start the bottled water business by conducting a project to return the proceeds back to Jeju Island; thereby contributing to the improvement of residents' communities, the development of local communities, and to prevent the indiscriminate development of the groundwater.

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There would be concerns about the depletion of groundwater and contamination by seawater intrusion, if the drinking water businesses proceed to use the Jeju groundwater indiscriminately. Due to these concerns, the city of Jeju implemented regulations so that only public organizations established by the city of Jeju are allowed to develop and use groundwater for manufacturing and selling bottled water.

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