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Bottled water Business

Jeju Samdasoo is natural mineral water flowing subsurface at a depth 420m.

JPDC is equipped with bottling facilities able to produce Jeju Samdasoo in 0.33L, 0.5L and 2.0L sizes.

The annual production capacity is as high as 343 million m³.


Mandarin Processing Business

Growing area is 20,491 ha and total production is 158 million m³.

JPDC produces and sells mandarin concentrates and beverages by processing the defective mandarins.

This seeks to help normalize the mandarin prices and increase the income of mandarin farms by isolating defective mandarins from the market.


Residential welfare

JPDC is carrying out housing development business to help provide affordable houses and improve welfare for Jeju residents.

We are constructing small-sized and large-sized condominiums for newlyweds, undergraduates and the elderly at affordable price.

JPDC has already constructed 4rental houses that can afford about 130 households and is constructing 2 more rental houses for 150 households.


Tamra Talent Dormitory

Tamra Talent dormitory has been in operation for 17years since its completion in 2001. It was built to provide quality dormitory facilities to students who are living in Seoul, the capital of Korea, for studying in universities etc. JPDC are offering these facilities at affordable price for reducing the cost burden of students' parents.

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