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Prior to the 1960s

Prior to the 1960s : Water Jars

Residents using spring water

Even though Jeju has lots of rain, it is very difficult to get water because its soil absorbs water quickly. So, rivers in Jeju flow only when it rains.
As a result, people have lived near shore for getting water easily and they depended on spring water.

Women who grow water in spring water

It is difficult to set a water jar on the head and walk due to wind and stone in Jeju.
Before every house is equipped with water supply, Jeju’s women drew water using “Mool-heobuk”(water jar) and carried it to home.

Women who grow water in spring water

When having a drought, Jeju’s women had to draw water from at least more than 10 Km away and they considered it as their fate.

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