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Water Heritage

Jo Cheon seok

Jo Cheon seok


Most of Jeju's streams have flew only when it rains, however, especially San-ji stream often floods. People prayed for the prevention flood and welfare of their village, so they erected stone statue named Jo-cheon seok at the front of river.

Kim kwang-jong,
Memorial monument

Kim kwang-jong, Memorial monument

Kim kwang-jong was a farmer who performed a waterway construction for 10 years at his own expense, which made it possible to cultivate a paddy field for the people in that village.

Jeju 3 Eup Map

Jeju 3 Eup Map


'Eup' was a administrative district and Jeju was divided into 3 Eup. This map is the one of Jeju maps made in 18C. It indicates where Jeju ancestors took shelter from rain and watered horses.

Jeong heon yung

Jeong heon yung hae-cheo-gam-rok

This is a book written by Jo-jeongcheol, a scolar in Chosun Dynasty. He recorded Jeju's life style when he was in exile and especially, we can find "Women who drew water carried a big jar in bamboo-basket". A big jar is Mul-heobuk and bamboo-basket is Mul-gudeok.

Draft geography book
of Tam-La

Draft geography book of Tam-La

"Tam-La" is a old name of Jeju and this book was written Lee-youngjong, a senior official. It explains why Jeju's women carried Mul-heobuk from the perspective of geography.

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