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  • LAGERSparkles of like Jeju’s blue night sky

    alc 4.5%

    Clean-tasting, refreshingly bitter with
    the ripe aroma of hops

  • GYURRIDEN ALENever lets go of its fresh allure

    alc 4.5% Easy and light with
    a hint of citrus,
    and the fragrance of
    Jeju’s mandarin juice
    and zesty peel

    Winner of the 2018 Korea
    Wine & Spirits Award

  • WEIZENBe still my fluttering heart

    alc 5.0%

    An Eeasy ale with the aroma of vanilla
    from yeast

  • PALE ALELingering ripeness

    alc 4.5%

    A mandarin and hops aroma with
    a crisp finish

  • STOUTA rough surge of deep and sweet

    alc 5.0%

    Smooth and, frothy with a hint of
    chocolate and caramel

  • STRONG ALEThe vibe for you and me

    alc 6.5% A potent, strong-bodied ale

    Winner of the 2016 Korea Wine & Spirits Award (Craft Beer – Pale Ale)

수상 내역

… and clean JESPI – Jeju’s craft beer

Jeju has some of the best beer ingredients – clean spring water filtered by nature through layers of volcanic rock and basalt, and barley grown in weather too severe for rice farming. JESPI is a product of the island’s best water and barley. Enjoy Jeju’s pure craft beer, perfected by the cleanest home-grown ingredients.